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Solid State Transition Transfer Switch ( SSTTS )

Uninterrupted Solid State Open Transition Transfer Switch (SSTTS) for Uninterruptible Mission Critical Loads. Superior to classic online Static Transfer Switch (STS). A joining of tried-and-true ATS with STS sub-cycle switching logic.

120V-600V, 10amp-5000amp, single or dual. 60 Hz, Single to Three (3) Phase Manual / Automatic.
An Open Transition Static Transfer Solution to be coupled with new or existing ATS or MBP systems

    The load functions as if no switch has occurred! True seamless operation.

  • Designed for critical power applications and for protecting mission critical loads that cannot tolerate any disturbance.
  • Provides seamless non interrupting transfer switching in less than 4 MILLISECONDS automatically or manually. Sinusoidal Graph shows the Uninterfered, uninterrupted transfer.
  • An Upgrade Path for many Automatic Transfer Switch ( ATS ) systems and MBP (mbps - Maintenance Bypass Switch ) systems. Addition of the SSTTS Logic Board turns an ATS or MBP systems into seamless uninterrupted automatic STATIC transfer switches and/or maintenance-bypass-plus (TM) static transfer isolation switch.
  • Longer battery life : Conventional transfer switches used for power outages or during preventative maintenance or repair of UPS systems drains batteries. The momentery power outage (dependent on your ATS and other components) that occurs with a conventional transfer switch puts a burden on the batteries. The no break characteristic of an SSTTS equipped system imposes no burden on UPS batteries during maintenance bypass or power source transfer.
  • Critical Power Systems : Process, medical, telecommunications, IT, security and other industy loads cannot tolerate even the briefest of disruptions to process flow. Many such industries must conduct preventative maintenance and periodic testing of emergency power to comply with Federal, Provincial (State), or local laws and codes. Because such loads can not tolerate short power interruptions due to testing, a test under real load conditions is never accomplished. The SSTTS helps provide a secure emergency power supply while offering transparent load transfer and testing abilities. SSTTS allows you to switch between sources without interrupting the load, you can conduct testing of real-world conditions without risking total system failure or reset..
  • Peak Load Demand Shaving : Peak load demand systems can use the no break switching ability of an SSTTS resulting in uninterferred operation from the end users perspective. When UPS systems are used for peak demand load shedding (or load balancing), an SSTTS can be used for switching in both directions (primary, alternate). This saves wear on the UPS and its battery system. The ability to transfer seamlessly between feeders where direct interconnection is prohibited makes load shedding schemes not only possible, but practical.


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